New Year Resolutions 2014 edition

Happy New Year to everyone!

As many people have resolutions in mind every year, so do I.

My big one this year is to establish a healthy lifestyle. Not a diet, not a exercise craze, a healthy lifestyle that will hopefully last for years to come. I realized a lot of you might want to lose weight or get fit for the new year, as I hope to achieve as well, and I think I have figured out what the secret is to doing that.


If you are not motivated to exercise or eat right, nothing will change. I realized how I would try to be super healthy here and there and then give up. The answer is to be motivated and not give up (which is easier said then done).

My other resolution is to be more stylish. Not walking down a runway stylish, but fashionable on my own terms. To find my inner style, to be confident and to be creative.

A lot of expectations for one year right?

But there are 365 days of opportunity in a year.

Blog ya later, color crazies.

How to style holiday sweaters

At some point in your life, you have been given or bought a holiday sweater.

Whether it is a nice looking sweater or one of those “ugly sweater party” sweaters, there are cute and fun ways to style them.

A holiday sweater with jeans and boots looks good on both genders. Women, you could pair it with some knee high boots, instead of these ‘outdoor’ boots.


Another way to wear these sweaters (depending on what type of sweater you have) is to use a belt and make it a mini dress, then wear with tights, jeans or jeggings.

Lastly, you could go full on holiday cheer.

As you can see, she went with winter boots, bright leggings, a scarf and a holiday sweater.

Hope you enjoy the holiday sweater season!

Blog ya later, color crazies!


Pantone 2014 Color of the Year

Drum roll please………………….

It is a really muted color compared to the tangerines and other brights of past seasons and years. I really like it (as long as I don’t go on Instagram – color overload)

I see a lot of accessories with this color. I see some clothes, but can’t you see this color in a watch or a pair of earrings? This would be a cute color on an iPad case or a nail polish.

I can’t wait to see what other colors come out for 2014 seasons.

Blog ya later, color crazies!

Holiday Colors

Thinking of the holiday season, a couple colors come to mind : Green, red, gold, silver and blue. But how can you use these colors to decorate your house/apartment/dorm room?

- Use festive charger plates to set the tone for dinner

- Choose one color and use it as an accent color around the house

- Change up the red and green theme and try a blue and silver theme

- Feel like having a purple theme or a non-traditional holiday color theme? Use it with a metallic color for a refined and fun look

- Use ornaments in a bowl, or hung on string to be festive without going all out

Using color in new ways can really change the way you decorate for the holiday season!

Blog ya later!

Holiday Food DIY’s

The holiday season is a time for creativity and fun! (at least in my opinion) That means Food DIYS!

gingerbread house

First, gingerbread houses. I have some tips for making the perfect gingerbread house.

1. For holding the walls together use royal icing or Wilton’s Candy Melts for the best hold

2. Use candies for regular decoration, but also use them for “snowscapes” to decorate the lawn and such

3. Use confectioner’s sugar for snow

4. Keep gingerbread/graham crackers away from moisture or it will soften (i.e. your kettle, oven, etc)

Now for the DIY sweets!

First up, reindeer donuts (she also made snowmen donuts)

reindeer donuts

Directions here

A small idea to make any food cute -> put cut strawberries on top of pastries and the like for Santa’s hat!

santa hat

If you really want to wow your guests, try these macaroons. (psst..the swirl is edible glitter)


Directions here

That’s all the food diy’s for today! For more, search Pinterest and Instagram!

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