Movie Review Monday – Friday Edition

Hello fellow color crazies! This week I saw:



It was awesome! It is the one movie that might be as good as the first one. To break it down (1 being horrible and 5 being amazing):

  • Overall: It had many turns and twists but had a plot line that continued through the whole movie
  • Overall: 4.5 stars ★★★★
  • Animation: Many say the 3D was not necessary, but that is because the 3D aspect was not for crazy jump outs or weird things flying toward you, it was for depth. And wow, in 3D I felt like I was up there in the sky with the dragons. It was incredibly sharp and the animation was super fluid.
  • Animation: 5 stars ★★★★★
  • Emotion: Dang it, this movie was much more emotional than the first. They convey happiness, surprise and sadness very well in this movie. The actors, animators and musicians created magic.
  • Emotion: 5 stars ★★★★★

So, as you see, I really enjoyed this movie and I hope you do too!

More blog posts to come, hopefully every week!

Blog ya later, color crazies! ♥

New Year Resolutions Update

Remember how 6 months ago I made a resolution to be more motivated and more stylish. Here is my progress!

1. Stylish – I think I have come some way with my fashion sense. I try to not wear anything that makes me feel frumpy or not confident. I try and go for:


This may seem like a small change but it is crazy how some outfits look with stretchy business pants versus yoga pants.

Another thing I have been doing is going for tops that are v-neck or scoop neck. I really don’t have much of a neck so I need some space. For example I choose:

 and avoid 

The other part of my resolution was to be motivated. I am having a lot of difficulty with that one. Anyone else? I feel like I go through my day and try and eat healthier but I cannot seem to get myself to exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I like exercising when it comes to laser tag, ultimate frisbee, swimming and group classes at the gym. So I got better with one resolution and slowly on the second. How are your resolutions going? Do you make any resolutions?

Blog ya later, color crazies!

Cute Handmade Jewelry Guide

As you may have seen, many people make jewelry. Whether it is made out of plastic beads, bottle caps or resin, it is all handmade. There are some tips I have for shopping for handmade jewelry!

1. Go for real silver or other metal findings (earring hooks, chain). When choosing earrings find out what the metal is. Personally I am allergic to many cheap metal mixes so I always buy silver plated or gold plated jewelry so my skin is safe and doesn’t get a bad reaction.

A good example is Close Eye Design, they use silver plated findings and clean each piece before it goes out the door (you’d be surprised how many companies do not clean the piece before it leaves them).

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 2.54.15 PM


2. Look for pieces that you won’t find at a chain store. Whatever is in style will be at H&M, Macy’s and Urban Outfitters. Look for something unique.

Above from Ten Thousand Villages (fair trade)

3. Be wary when buying something that contains semi-precious stones. These days, many materials can be mixed together to create a semi-precious stone type of product. Don’t pay $120 for a bracelet that was actually made from glass beads, not amethyst and opal.

Can you tell which one is real?


or B.

If you guessed B, you are wrong. A is the real bracelet and B is the fake one. Hard to tell, right? To figure out if it is real, ask the seller. Most will say what it really is made out of, some will not answer the question.

I hope you will search the handmade jewelry world better after looking at these tips! If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!

Blog ya later, color crazies!


Color Your Life – Tech

Do you already have color in your clothes, shoes and room? Now for some color in the electronics you use every day!

1. DIY Phone Case 

Use those sharpies and old gel pens from 3rd grade and decorate a cheap white/clear case!

2. Colorful Laptop Case

Search for laptop cases with flair on websites like Amazon, Urban Outfitters, and Aldo



3. Phone Wristlet

Buy a wristlet that fits the phone or one that fits the phone and a couple of credit cards

4. Patterned Tool Box

Have a set of tools for house diy’s or fixing a computer? Decorate the case with nail polish, shelf liner and washi tape.


Hope you enjoyed these colorful additions to the world of tech.

Blog ya later, color crazies!

DIY Summer Decor

Whether your still at college or in your room or office, summer decorations can brighten your day!

I found some really neat ideas online and thought I should share them.

- Make a Triangle Wall Caddy (you could make it super colorful by covering it with floral/neon/abstract scrapbook paper)

- Make a mini Terrarium  (the tutorial calls it a office organizer, but it is essentially a terrarium)

- Make Rose Petal Honey (this sounds delicious! I bet you could try it with other flowers too)

- DIY Personal Marquee (some movie style for your summer)

Hope you add some new decorations for the summer!

Blog ya later, color crazies! :D

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